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Bavarian Style Potato Salad

A favorite side dish for many occasions. Because its without mayo it is wonderful for BBQ’s.


750gr firm potatoes (white Rose does well)

1 medium onion

250ml water

4oz diced pancetta (Boars Head Brand is very good)

1 beef bouillon cube

1 Tbsp. hot mustard

3 Tbsps. white vinegar


White pepper

Chives for decoration


Clean and boil the unpeeled potatoes until just soft.

Cook your pancetta in a small pan until nice and crisp, do not drain off the fat.

Finely chop the onion.

When potatoes are done, rinse under cold water, peel, and cut into slices while still hot. If you’re not used to handling hot food with your hands just let them cool enough till you’re comfortable.

Combine the water, beef bouillon, and vinegar and heat till dissolved.

Add mustard, crisp pancetta, and pancetta grease.

Pour over potatoes and add the onions, salt & pepper.

Let the potato salad sit for, at least, one hour. Several hours are better.

Taste, re-season if necessary and add chopped chives for garnish.

Serve warm.


Download recipe for Bavarian Potato Salad (PDF)