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342 Elgin RD.
Elgin, AZ 85611
Tasting Room Hours:

Daily, 11am – 4pm except
SATURDAYS 11am to 6pm
Most holidays (call ahead for details)

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A wine tasting flight at Flying Leap venues consists of a minimum of 6 x 1-oz pours of a combination of white, red and port-style wine samples, as well as a souvenir 22-oz German-made stemmed wine glass. The tasting line-up at each venue is different and changes daily. We do not pro-rate tasting flights if the customer chooses to skip a selection on the tasting flight. The standard tasting fee is $22.95, plus tax. If the customer purchases at least one bottle of wine, a $10 rebate is applied to the tasting fee reducing it to $12.95, plus tax. Due to health department restrictions, we cannot re-use glassware. To avoid having to purchase a wine glass, customers are welcome to bring in their own glass if they choose.

quality winemaking from the heart of arizona wine country

Located in the heart of Arizona wine country just 50 miles south of metro Tucson, Flying Leap’s Estate Vineyards, Winery and Distillery facilities are one of the most beautiful wine venues in the southwestern United States. We’ve spared no detail in ensuring that the customer experience at our winery estate is first-class, premium comfort and wonderfully extraordinary. We invite you to come relax and unwind at our property, learn about Arizona grape viticulture and winemaking from our team of trained sommeliers, and discover the intricacies of the art of distillation.

All Flying Leap wine is produced solely from vineyards the company owns & operates in the state of Arizona. We do not purchase fruit from other growers, neither do we sell fruit to other wineries. Flying Leap operates with a very high degree of vertical integration, controlling the majority of the product value chain from the actual growing of the fruit to its vinification, cellaring, bottling and sale. This gives Flying Leap a tremendous amount of control over wine quality and fruit selection, allowing us to solely control harvesting, fruit handling and processing without being subjected to the whims and inconveniences of a highly variable and inconstant fruit market. Ultimately, it leads to us being able to provide our customers with a high quality product at fair market pricing, and to meet the demand with timely service and sufficient volume to support established programs and pull-through with our on and off-premise wholesale customers. Our vast production capacity and self-sourced vineyards also allow us to create a delicious & diverse array of high-quality wines to keep Flying Leap’s portfolio interesting, variable by vintage and enticing for our wine club and retail venue customers.

Our wines are produced from hand-picked fruit (we never harvest with machines). The fruit is hauled from our vineyards to our winery in Elgin and crushed within hours to maintain freshness and vibrancy. Our fruit musts are fermented outdoors in open top, insulated fermenters of not more than 1,500-liters volume with premium, carefully-selected yeast strains. We press with a pneumatic bladder, and we pump the wine directly into barrel or into settling tanks to settle out the excess lees. We age all of our red wines in French or Hungarian oak barriques (225-liter) or puncheons (500-liter). Wines are carefully managed during the multi-year cellaring period by our production team, who monitors and adjusts the wine chemistry as necessary to produce ultrapremium wines.

Learn About Our Distillery

Built in 2015, our world-class distillery features craftmade German copper stills, including column stills for brandy, whiskey and vodka production. Our facility features a separate spirits tasting rooms with large viewing windows into our distillery floor and barrel house.

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